About - People of the Streets
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Why do we exist?

Trust is the foundation of all relationships.

The challenging perceptions that the homeless in our society face has led to a lack of trust, deterring many people from donating money to the people of the streets.

People without a home suffer not only from the cold, the rain, and the hunger, but the shame of being homeless itself.

What do we do?

150 families in Britain become homeless every day. We, at People of the Streets, tackle homelessness with practical solutions and change perceptions of homeless people by sharing their stories.

We know that overcoming homelessness often means more than a roof over your head.

Purchase essential items, such as sleeping and hygiene kits, from our range of collections and directly help those in need in a meaningful way. Our partners in different cities will ensure that your donation reaches the right hands.

Who do you work with?

We partner with a number of established non-profit organisations whose work we admire, including NGO’s, day centres and night shelters from across the UK.

How does it work?

The items that you buy from our online shop are directly sent to our partners from different cities and are then promptly distributed to those who need it most.

Our profits are 100% reinvested and fund long-term projects such as cooking and photography courses that are more sustainable solutions to the challenges that homeless people face.

We also work on a number of creative programmes work towards rewriting the stigma that the homeless face.

Where do you work?

We are based in Nottingham, and distribute our products across the UK within our 6 partner cities (Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Nottingham).

Can I help?

Absolutely! Please message via the contact page as we are always looking for help in a number of areas.